Aircraft Components

Since 1946 Hedinger Aviation supports the aviation industry with specialized services.

Hedinger Aircraft Components AG is a Swiss company with PART 145 Approval from the swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), the United States of America Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). Hedinger Aircraft Components AG can therefore issue a triple release under EASA/FAA/TCCA regulations for all activities. 


    Certificate CH.145.0240


 Repair Station No. CU5Y792M


Certificate No. 810-07


Hedinger Aircraft Components AG is a Loyalty Partner of SAFRAN Electrical & Power for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of the following products: 



We repair/overhaul/modify and test all kinds of electromechanically aircraft components like: Generators, Ignition Units, Starters, Magnetos, Blower Motors and Landing Lights. We support also classic aircrafts..


Capability List

Our broad Capability List by Part Numbers includes the type of service that we can provide: Overhaul, Repair, Test, Inspection or Rewinding.

Please feel free to contact us in case you need further information.


Capability List by Part Numbers (Excel)



Rewinding Capabilities

Within our capability is one unique activity which to our knowledge cannot be found anywhere else; we are certified to carry out complete rewindings of rotors/stators. This is an activity that helps saving parts from being scrapped and this helps saving money for costly replacement parts for all small and large wing aircrafts. This Rewinding Capability is approved by FOCA, EASA, FAA and TCCA.



Our customer base is global and we are proud of our reference list: Pilatus (globally), the Swiss Aircraft OEM and MRO’s like SR Technics (globally), Austrian Airlines,Saab, RUAG, Jet Aviation, the whole Swiss Helicopter operator community, etc.

Our Swiss quality service, fast turnaround times and attractive prices make costly exchanges not necessary.


Support - Service - Modification - Engineering

We service and maintain the following equipment:

Allied Signal/Airsearch/Honeywell  APC 
Auxilec/SEB (Thales)/Sextant/Jaeger  Artus Kollmorgen 
Bendix/Ontic/Honeywell  DAE 
BE Aerospace/Acurex/Aerotherm  ECE 
Electro-Mech (Vickers)  Hartman 
Electro System (Prestolite)  Labinal PML 
General Electric (Leland)  Sanden 
Goodrich (Lapec LSI Lucas TRW)  TCM Teledyne 
Grimes (Honeywell)  Unison 
Lucas UK Goodrich  Vickers/Lucas 
Pacific Scientific EKD  Pilatus 





XOVIS People tracking Technology

Since 2012 Hedinger Aviation has exclusive General Distributor rights for Passenger Tracking, Pax Flow Steering, Measurement of number of Pax and Dwell Time per defined area for the Swiss manufacturer “XOVIS” for specific regions.  

After the completion of the initial project in Vienna International Airport (VIE) in August 2014, VIE decided to extend the Xovis system with additional 100 sensors to transfer security checkpoint and passport control areas.

With this system extension, nearly every waiting time at VIE is measured using the Xovis PTS. VIE has also started to display the waiting times as additional service to the passengers.


News Xovis Vienna



Xovis to equip 17 major Spanish Airports

In collaboration with Hedinger and Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad, Xovis will now equip 12 more Airports of AENA The roll out includes following airports: Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat, Girona-Costa Brava, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Menorca, Ibiza, Tenerife Norte, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Sevilla. Based on a first decision made in 2014 of installing the Xovis sensors in 5 airports. The project now is expanding, after AENA had the chance to test the technology. The Spanish Airport Group defines Passenger Satisfaction as their number one goal. Their policy is therefore to actively reduce the waiting time in front of the security check-points. With Xovis this goal has become realizable. .


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